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Leonid Earrings

Flora and Fauna Collection

In this line of jewelry I combine sterling silver, steel, brass, and copper to create simple, graceful designs for any wardrobe or occasion. 

Leonid Earrings

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Leonid Earrings


I once spent a chilly November night lying in a frosty field in rural Mississippi, staring at the sky. I had been invited to join a friend and his physics professors and classmates in viewing the Leonid Meteor Shower; with a meteor count of over 1000 per hour, I was awe-struck by the spectacle. We watched all through the night, and as our view turned pink, orange, and blue with the sunrise, the meteors were still lighting up the vibrant sky. Although I have since seen meteor showers, none have compared to that night spent shivering in a sleeping bag in Mississippi.

I created these earrings in honor of the meteors that regularly pass by our little blue planet, streaking across the sky and inspiring awe, wonder, and wish-making. The earrings, made from recycled sterling silver and brass, measures approx. 2 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch across. The ear wires are handmade from recycled sterling silver. I make an enameled version of these earrings - find them here.

All jewelry is handmade from a minimum of 50% reclaimed materials. Because of the nature of handmade objects, the item you receive will vary slightly from the photograph. A percentage of every sale is donated to a non-profit environmental, humanitarian, or arts organization. Thank you for supporting sustainable craft!

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